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The MƎYHAM Collection.

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Quality Leather. Incompromisable Comfort.

We provide luxury leather goods to those who experience life to its fullest, and never compromise on style.

We believe in crafting exceptional leather goods to accompany you on your journey in life and satisfy all of your travel bag needs.

Made with you in mind.

Travel in Luxury Style Comfort

What others are saying about our bags?

Oren Burks

NFL Linebacker

My ‘Nomad’ Mayhem bag is the epitome of luxury. It’s clean design and premium leather elevate your travel experience and are sure to catch everyone’s eye. It’s the perfect size for weekend trips, with all the compartments you need to stay organized. Go get yours!


Fashion & Travel Influencer

What can I say about the Mayhem bag? Nothing but good things. I absolutely love this brand. The bags are so durable, luxurious and comfortable to hold. You know that feeling you get when you’re dressed up real good and you feel good because you’re dressed well? thats that same feeling I have anytime I use this bag haha I feel very proud with it. Not the mention the strong leather smell that oozes out as soon as you open it! Wow. 10/10 for me.