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Created and inspired by the culture of Ghana, MƎYHAM is a luxury brand that hopes to help customers find luxury within their MƎYHAM, becoming an everyday necessity for all global citizens. MƎYHAM aims to highlight West African culture and help prosper philanthropic ventures in Ghana by creating bags that amplify global transit, inspire intentionality, and create new job opportunities for the Gold Coast. Crafted with premium Italian leather, MƎYHAM’s products provide a luxurious and authentic experience, so you can navigate through the MƎYHAM of life with style.


The MƎYHAM Collection aims to connect the diaspora globally through fashion and transcontinental travel, sharing the rich Ghanaian culture while directly growing emerging nation’s economies.


The MƎYHAM Collection envisions a world where the diaspora is connected and inspired through fashion, advocacy, community, sustainability, and humanitarian efforts, leaving behind a  long lasting legacy fueled by impact. The MƎYHAM Collection’s desire is for their pieces to be tokens of the past that influence the future.

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